SHTECH ZDN series concrete vibrator is the most advanced motor-in-head high-frequency vibrator with such features:


1.Motor-in-head design, only 13kgs (including 4m hose and 15m cable), no heavy external motor, no flexable shaft, 1-worker operation, save 50% labor cost. 

 (The triditional concrete vibrator is more than 30kg weight, need 2 worker to operate.)

2. Much longer service life, SHTECH vibrators use centrifugal structure to create vibration rather than pendulum structure of the triditional vibrator and do not need flexible shaft any more.  Therefore,its working life is about 5 times of the traditional one.

3. Powerful compaction force ensure high efficiency: VPM 12000rpm, 5000N vibration force.

4. Easy operation, our vibrators use 220v, 1 phase electricity, and don't use flexible shaft any more, so it is much easier for workers to hold the hose.

5. Safe, with IP68 waterproof level and RCD plug( earth-leakage-proof plug), this product can ensure workers' safety while using it.

6. low noise, with only 70db noise, the vibrator will not disturb the resident around a constrution site and can protect workers’ hearing.

Last but not least, our product has been used in lot of construction sites and precast concrete factories already, its reliability has been proven by the market.